Small and Medium Telecommunication Solutions

ACT understands the needs of businesses vary and that is why flexibility in a telephone system is so important. A business should never have to operate because of the way their telephone system operates. ACT specializes in designing phone systems which are custom tailored to fit your company's individual needs. Matching the telephone system to unique business applications is the key to success.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted advisor for all of your communication needs. Whether you are a new customer and it is our first visit or you have been doing business with us for years we are always looking for ways to save your company money, improve efficiency for your organization, and quickly identify and prevent problems with your phone system & network.

ACT, a NEC Authorized Dealer, is proud to bring you the latest in communication technologies with systems suited for businesses of any size.

Product Information

Univerge Series

Univerge 8100

Univerge 8300

DSX Series

DSX 40

DSX 80/160

Solutions Suited to YOUR Needs

Advanced Communication Technology can handle almost any application ranging in size from small offices to large multi-site networked facilities. ACT understands that each type of industry has its own set of communication needs and requirements. Our expertise comes from gaining a clear understanding of each industry's unique challenges and goals and tailoring solutions to address them.

Whether your business seeks a simple, rock solid, reliable phone system to keep the calls coming, or a leading-edge system designed to take your company into the Voice Over IP age, you can rest assured that ACT can meet your company's needs. Our seasoned professionals can advise you on the solutions that are a best fit for your organization and how to achieve the best return on your investment. Each industry varies by customer, technology, and market. That's why we provide solutions, tailored to your individual business objectives and goals. ACT understands that to be successful, you have to have the right communication tools to service and support the unique needs of your customers.