NEC's new line of terminals offers great flexibility and scalability to its users. With only one line of phones for all systems, there is no need to worry about whether or not you have to upgrade as your business grows.

NEC has also taken a modular approach. The need to buy a whole new phone for upgrade options is now gone! With add on modules that consist of add-on line keys, customizable faceplates, selection of keypads, wired or wireless handsets, Bluetooth interface allow you to adjust the phone for your particular needs.

Easy to use interfaces also allow for personal, system and corporate directories to be readily available as well as detailed call history.
And Full-duplex speakerphones provide crystal clear audio for handsfree users.

VoIP models provide customized ringtones that can be downloaded from the web, internet radio is available through IP mulitcast for soft background music, and XML open interface supports allow developers to customize applications for the terminals.

To view a demo on NEC's new line of Terminals click here.

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